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The Easiest Ways to Immigrate in 2021 to Canada

The Easiest Ways to Immigrate in 2021 to Canada
The Easiest Ways to Immigrate in 2021 to Canada

The Easiest Ways to 
Immigrate in 2021 to Canada

The Canadian federal government announced that it will admit more than one million immigrants over the next 3 years. Choosing a suitable immigration program that will give you the best chances of success among more than 70 can be confusing. In this article, we are going to talk about the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada.

The Canadian government has made some changes to immigration procedures in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. You can know more about those changes here. In this article, we are going to provide you the easiest 4 ways to immigrate to Canada currently.

#1: Express Entry

Express Entry is one of the immigration programs that helps skilled workers immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident. The system ranks candidates according to education, age, work experience, language abilities, and then determines and selects the best candidates to be invited to Canada. 

Invited workers by the Express Entry System are allowed to bring their family members!

 Express Entry is wonderful because it has the fastest processing time compared to all Canadian immigration programs, with 80% of applications being processed in four months or even less.

#2: Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

There are several immigration programs under this program for each Canadian Province and Territory, called a Provincial Nominee Program or PNP. 

PNPs let provinces get their individual economic needs by nominating particular workers for permanent residence. Often PNPs look for foreign workers with experience which is in-demand occupations in the province. 

For instance, the province of Saskatchewan a few months ago changed its PNP to nominate more candidates in the computer programming field.

Candidates who receive a provincial nomination get additional 600 points on the

CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) which fully guarantees that they will get an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residence the Express Entry system of IRCC.

There are almost 80 various PNPs across Canada, each has its own set of eligibility requirements. If you are eligible for one of them, that can be your ticket to Canada!

#3: Become an International Student

Canada is one of the best countries in the world for international students. This is because of many features of Canadian institutions such as a positive attitude towards newcomers, great schools, and affordable tuition. 

 Also, Canada makes it easy for international students to apply for permanent residence after their study has completed. For this reason, many students opt for starting their immigration journey by studying in Canada, and then apply for permanent residence later!

#4: The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP)

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP) was started in you 2017 to help attract more workers to Canada’s Atlantic Region. The program allows employers in the Atlantic Region to employ overseas workers from outside of Canada.

 If an international worker receives a job contract from one of the participating employers, he/ she receives support in their immigration process and in their staying to Canada. You have to get a job contract from a program’s designated employer to be eligible for AIP.



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