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Next step after winning the Green Card Lottery

Next Step After Winning The Green Card Lottery

Next step after winning the Green Card Lottery
Next step after winning the Green Card Lottery

The US Department of State (DOS) will launch the Green Card Lottery results. Candidates can now check their results by visiting the DOS website. They will need to enter their full names and confirmation numbers they received when registering for the lottery to obtain their results.

Consular Processing

Winners of the lottery program consular treatment can begin the immigrant visa application process. People living outside the United States will be required to apply for an immigrant visa at U.S. embassies or consulates abroad. Once your immigrant visa applications are approved, visa interviews will be scheduled.

If your interviews run smoothly and qualify for legal permanent resident status in the United States, they will receive an immigrant visa. With these visas, you can travel to the United States as legal residents and get your green cards. This process is called consular treatment.

Adjustment status

If candidates who won the lottery are in the United States with valid non-immigrant status, USCIS requires them to request an adjustment to their status and obtain their green card. People who go through this process usually do not need to return to their home country to obtain an immigrant visa.

They can file Form I-485, Application for Permanent Residence Registration or State Adjustment with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and remain in the United States as long as their status adjustment applications are pending.

If your applications are approved, an interview with USCIS will be scheduled. If deemed eligible for legal status in the United States, they will receive green cards. However, this applies only to lottery program winners who are in the United States with valid non-immigrant status and not to those who have obtained their visas or are undocumented.

Lottery winners are invited to submit their immigrant visa applications as soon as possible. This is because if they do not receive an immigrant visa before the end of the fiscal year for which they were selected, they will not be able to obtain their green cards.

Applicants should remember that only 55,000 green cards will be issued under this program and that if the year assignment is exhausted before being scheduled for interviews, they will not receive their Green Card. The US government selects more winners as it assumes that some winners will not be eligible for green cards and others may not apply for a visa. In the event that all winners apply for a visa and everyone is eligible to apply for an immigrant visa, immigrant visas will be issued on the first-come delivery order.

Thousands of foreigners who aspire to emigrate to the United States participate each year in this lottery program. However, not all candidates have the chance to win the lottery and not all winners are eligible for green cards in the United States.

Those wishing to participate in the Green Card Lottery this year can register for the next Green Card lottery. You can participate by registering directly for the DOS when the lottery is open, or at any time by using a third-party registration service and asking them to submit your application for you.



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