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5 Destinations To Visit In Bali

5 destinations to visit in Bali
5 destinations to visit in Bali

Who doesn't want a refreshing Instagram feed that is visually appealing and showcases their big adventures at the same time? Now, for those planning a vacation trip to Bali, these 15 destinations will make your photos fantastic.

1- Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Not as well known and frequently visited as other waterfalls in Bali, the twin waterfall of Banyumala still retains its pure natural beauty. This fantastic waterfall is situated on the crater edge road between the main road and Munduk from Singaraja to Denpasar.

The definition of “nothing worth having is easy” since is not an easy walk or even a light waterfall, but it's worth a walk. Your trip will be surrounded by rocks, lush trees, a river you find, and the beautiful waterfall. Visit the Banyumala Double Waterfall for a perfect relaxing time to relax during your vacation.

2- Campuhan Ridge

Walk away from the killer waves, people from everywhere have loved each other. Bali is also known for its wonderful natural attractions. One you should visit is the Campuhan Ridge Walk.

This picturesque mountain valley trail is set in a busy and quite modern Ubud and is undoubtedly a great haven for fresh air. If weather is good, you will see how Mount Agung is high and proud along all the way. A truly wonderful experience in Bali!

3- Gunung Kawi Temple

It is a unique archaeological temple in Bali. It includes a collection of ancient shrine reliefs carved into a rock cliff's face. Visiting the main site shows you amazing views of a temple courtyard and the Pakerisan River that shows the ancient Hindu shrines.

The temple is easily accessible and is a large scale to expand your Bali itinerary. Before entering the ground, you will be offered a vase of earth filled with holy water after a staircase where you sprinkle on yourself in front of your entrance. An exotic experience that deserves a place on your wishlist! So what do you expect? Check your list box and go to Bali.

4- GWK Cultural Park

Looking for a trip full of historical monuments, traditional dances, and culture? Well, a visit to GWK Cultural Park is the right choice for your next vacation trip. Experience beautiful dances with your own eyes, like charming Kecak, dance for a long dance reign, and many other unforgettable culture-rich experiences here at GWK Bali.

 Don't forget to relax at GWK's Lotus Pond as you look at the new majestic Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, which is 120 meters high proudly after 28 years of completion. A trip like this is undoubtedly part of your unforgettable vacation.

5- Handara Golf Course Gate

The iconic gateway to a path to serenity has also become one of the hottest places for Instagram posts. With its beautiful green landscape and peaceful atmosphere, it's no wonder that people visiting Bali add it to their itinerary.

Pamper your eyes next to the already gigantic traditional exotic Balinese gate and decorate your paintings with an amazing green setting and silhouettes of green hills as a backdrop. Surprise your friends with a few photos right here at Handara Golf Course Gate and join the hype.



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