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Canada's New Immigration Programs for Key Workers and Graduates

Canada's New Immigration Programs for Key Workers and Graduates

Canada's New Immigration Programs for Key Workers and Graduates
Canada's New Immigration Programs for Key Workers and Graduates

These flows are now open: the applicant portal can be accessed here. The flow of international English-speaking graduates has reached its quota and no longer accepts applications; all other broadcasts remain open.

Update - July 15, 2021 - Canada starts a new open work permit program for people who applied for key workers and international graduates across the recently opened stream to PR.

Like the Open Bridge Work Permit (BOWP), this new open work permit program allows applicants whose work permit expires within four months to apply for a new open work permit. This allows them to continue working while their permanent residence is being processed.

The new open work permit program will begin with the acceptance of applications on July 26, 2021. To be eligible for this one-time open work permit, applicants must demonstrate that they:

+have successfully applied to one of the new steams of permanent residence pathway.

+had a valid work permit or were eligible to work without a work permit at the time of their permanent residence application, withholding.

+Hold valid work permits to expire within the next four months.

+Have a temporary residence status, maintain status, or be eligible to re-establish its status at the time of filing the open work permit application.

+Are in Canada at the time when the permit application was used.

+Open work submitted in each profession at the time of filing your application for permanent residence.

+Complying with the linguistic requirements of the electricity under which you applied at the time of submitting your application for permanent residence.

Overview of the new forms of permanent residence of Canada Stays for essential workers and graduates.

More than 90,000 temporary residents in Canada have the opportunity to become permanent residents this year through six new immigration routes that were officially introduced on May 6. These new Canadian migration routes will target key workers, international students, and French speakers. These new immigration programs promote Canada's initiative to help more temporary residents in Canada remain permanently in Canada.

The new programs were announced on April 14 by Marco Mendicino, Canadian immigration minister. Programs accept candidates until the program quota is reached, or until November 5, 2021. You can see the spaces left in each broadcast here.

In particular, francophone candidates are excluded from quotas. The new forms are considered “temporary public policies”, suggesting that they may not be fixed fixations in the immigration landscape, although an extension is always possible.

Applicants have the right to apply to their spouse or partner and dependent children, allowing families to obtain joint permanent residence in Canada.

More details about the new open work permit program can be found on the IRCC website here.



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