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The Yukon Community Pilot Program


The Yukon Community Pilot Program
 The Yukon Community Pilot Program 

Immigrate to Canada in 2021 for $0 ! 

The Yukon Community Pilot Program 

There are currently more than a hundred immigration programs available to foreigners who intend to immigrate to Canada. While many of them don't apply to you, you must know which ones give you the best possible chance of successfully obtaining a Canadian permanent resident. 

In this article, we will talk about one of the best and easiest pathways to immigrate to Canada, as well as we will provide you the required jobs and their median salaries for the year 2021.

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How to find work in Canada from overseas?

There are popular programs, such as the Express Entry System, but the truth is that the well-known pathways have so many applicants and so much competition which makes success harder.

 With a bit of research, you can find the best immigration program, and that is where we will look now. Now, as borders begin to open, the pilot is still a relatively unknown immigration program. 

The pilot is the only planned program to run for three years, and as more individuals find out about it, interest will grow. As a result, the competition will increase for a place in the wonderful Yukon.

Immigration to Canada Through Yukon Community Pilot?

1. The Participating Communities

The Yukon Community Pilot (YCP) gives a particular work permit allowing immigrants to work for 2 or 3 different employers in one of the following participating areas:

1. Whitehorse
2. Watson Lake
3. Dawson City
4. Haines Junction
5. Carmacks
6. Carcross

2. The Yukon Community Pilot Requirements

As with every other immigration program, the YCP has a list of requirements you must meet to be eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada through the program:

1. Get a nomination for permanent residency from the Yukon government. If you work or have experience in one of the required jobs in Yukon, this will not be an issue if you submitted your forms correctly, completely, and with all the required documentation.

2. Get a job offer from two or more employers in Yukon. That is important because:

- The employers do not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

- The jobs do not need to be full time, as long as your working hours per week, overall, are at least 30.

The job offers must be continuous or ongoing. They cannot be for seasonal work.

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3. Get a signed letter of support from the Yukon government. You can obtain this by submitting your job contract letters.

The best thing about the YCP is that employers do not ask for an LMIA, they hire anyone without going through the long process of doing an LMIA that ends up without hiring foreigners in Canada. In short, there are employers in Yukon who need workers urgently, and they are hiring. Just ensure that your applications are spot on.

The work permit you will obtain through this program at the same time with your provincial nomination will let you immigrate to Canada, begin working then apply for permanent residency faster.

What are in-demand occupations in Canada for 2021?

The Canadian labor market is facing vast shortages in the year 2020 till 2024. That's due to the lack of skilled and unskilled workers and an increasingly growing economy. 

For example, there are about  40,000 openings in construction, 45,000 jobs in hospitality and 50, 000 jobs in retail among all jobs opening in Canada, which has let the government announce vacancies in Canada for both skilled and unskilled workers.

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Required jobs

Here is a list of required jobs for the year 2021 with median wages taken from the Government of Canada Job Bank:

1. Pharmacist: 11,300 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $46.89

2. Software Engineer: 19,000 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $43.30

3. Aerospace Engineer: 14,300 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $42.79

4. Psychologist: 10,000 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $40

5. Aircraft Pilot: 11,400 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $37

6. Registered Nurse: expected 140,000 job openings, medium hourly wage $36

7. Steamfitter or Pipefitter: 10,000 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $35

8. College or Vocational Instructors: 57,100 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $35

9. Welder: 30,800 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $35

10. Licensed Practical Nurse: 26,000 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $35

11. Business Management Consultant: 40,000 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $35

12. Industrial Electrician: 12,500 job  expected, median hourly wage: $33.50

13. Construction Estimator: 6,600 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $29

14. Dispensing Optician: 2,500 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $23.08

15. Physiotherapy Therapist: 19,000 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $22

16. Truck Driver: 135,900 job openings expected, median hourly wage $21

17. Veterinary Technician or Assistant: about 6,000 job openings expected, median hourly wage: $17

One more thing to know; if you choose to settle in Yukon, you will live in one of the most incredible destinations on earth. You will be lucky because people know each other, respect and support each other as far as possible.

It is one of the safest places in the world, and the landscape is so wonderful. You will often see bears, wolves, and enormous moose.

 Also, during the long winter nights, the northern lights will be so amazing. People who do not know how life in Yukon is, are missing out on a fulfilling, happy, and peaceful life.


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