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Tourism to Turkey

Tourism to turkey
Tourism to Turkey 

A country that does not require a visa to visit, which is spent on any tourist visit most of the money, which means that the trip to it will not cost you much money.

Hey, this is not all. Many other advantages distinguish Turkey other than that feature, which made it a tourist country visited by millions every year, still need to know more? Well, read the next few lines to know what you can explore these countries very easily and easily.

All of its monuments made Turkey a global tourist destination, ranking sixth as one of the most important tourism countries in the world.

Now and in this article, here are the most important countries that are worth visiting in Turkey, so that your trip is wonderful and lovely. I think the information you will read is very important and you will benefit.

Istanbul and its environs

I love the city of Istanbul that is considered the most important destination among the tourist places in Turkey.

The historical places in Istanbul are worth a visit, as this city was the capital of the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman Empires, which makes it rich in many monuments. You will love this city.

But if we talk about places of entertainment and fun, the city of Istanbul has a wonderful group of places of entertainment suitable for all ages, the most important of which are Istanbul Aquarium, the Vialand Games City, and others.

Finally, do not forget to shop in a commercial city the size of Istanbul, whether in its malls that were built in the latest style or in its antique markets that date back decades.

Tourism to Bursa

Bursa is famous for its cable car, considered the longest in the world, as well as the Uludag Mountain, the famous snow-covered seaside resort frequented by tourists from all over the world. Don't forget to visit it, please. It is a very good city.

Tourism in Yalova

The city of Yalova is famous for its therapeutic hot springs, which abound in the famous Thermal village, and the city is full of charming natural places. 

You will enjoy it there Therefore, I do not advise you not to miss visiting that city in Turkey in particular, and you will lose a lot of fun if you do so. It is a wonderful city.

Tourism in Sapanca

It is located in the Turkish province of Marmara, less than two hours away from Istanbul. The city is famous for its lake, Lake Sapanca, which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Turkey.

Among the most famous tourist places in Turkey, Sapanca is Lake Sapanca and the village of Al-Mashouqiah, which contains waterfalls and captivating natural scenes, as well as Mount Kartepe, which is intended for lovers of skiing in the winter.

Tourism in Bolu

The city of Bolu is located in northwest Turkey, approximately 270 km from Istanbul. Bolu has a unique natural diversity, which is evident in its green forests, rivers, and lakes.

Tourism in Trabzon

Trabzon is the darling of the Arabs. It is the most popular destination for them as one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey. 

The city overlooks the Black Sea coast in northern Turkey and is approximately 1100 km away from Istanbul, or approximately an hour and a quarter by plane. 

Tourism in Uzungol

Uzungol is a village situated in Trabzon; 100 km away from the province. This region is famous for Uzungol Lake, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Turkey.

This was the most important information about tourism in Turkey, which we collected for you according to its different tourist cities. Of course, you may have different views of what we said. 

Well, send us all your opinions about Turkey and the most beautiful thing that drew your attention to it through the comments that are available in the article. 

Those comments that can be written in Also your questions about those countries and we will answer them immediately. And thank you in all cases for contacting us through it for more benefit and knowledge.



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